2019 FROG International Rally

Service at the FROG Rally is intended to address items that are or would have been covered under warranty for the original owner, recall items, and safety concerns. It is NOT provided to replace regular care and maintenance of your RV; to provide enhancements or upgrades; to take the place of your insurance in handling collision damage; to correct problems caused by modifications that you have made after the original assembly of your RV; to address concerns with a unit that you’ve purchased used; etc. Service requests beyond the scope of these guidelines may be declined.

We will have technicians at the FROG Rally to handle service issues. To request service, please complete this form clearly and accurately with UP TO 2 ITEMS AND SUBMIT IT NO LATER THAN JULY 19th so that we can assess staffing, parts, and other needs. All service work must go through the Rally Service Center, and all requests are subject to approval by Forest River.

Someone from your RV brand may contact you if we need more information about your service request. Please realize that we will make all reasonable efforts to handle your service issues. Requests will be prioritized by the nature of the issue, availability of technicians and parts, and other considerations. Depending on the nature of work requested, it might be necessary to arrive before or stay after the FROG Rally to have work done at a plant rather than at the Fairgrounds.

Because of the nature of service activities, we cannot guarantee adherence to a strict time schedule. Therefore, please plan to participate in Rally events rather than sitting and waiting for the service technician to arrive. He or she will call before arriving at your unit to be sure that you are available while work is being done, or you can give permission for a technician to enter and work in your unit during your absence. If you have pets, they must be out of the unit or crated both for the safety of the technicians and to prevent accidental escape of your pets.

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