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The Fastest Growing RV owners group in North America!

Forest River Owners' Group - Who We Are

The Forest River Owners' Group, or FROG™, is made up of Forest River and affiliated brand RV owners from all across the United States and Canada, dedicated to having fun and enjoying the RV lifestyle, however they define it.

Maybe the open road has called you full time. Perhaps you can just get away on an occasional weekend. Some of us love the adventure of traveling the open highways with friends, sharing the adventure. For others, there's pleasure in the solitary trips that let us explore the small towns and the back roads of the countryside.

Maybe you love tailgating at your favorite professional or college sporting event, or at the local youth game. You might thrill to the roar of the crowd as cars race down the final straightaway to take the checkered flag, or maybe the quiet of a babbling brook tumbling over rocks is more your speed.

No matter how you define your RV lifestyle, you know what you like. And that's why we think you'll like FROG. Whoever you are, whatever you enjoy, and wherever you go, FROG is for you.